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Maximising efficiency: 7 key benefits of using Eplan macros - Special opportunity!

We would like to draw your attention to an exciting opportunity.

For the success of joint collaboration and to make your projects easier to implement, we are pleased to provide access to our TRIDIUM, iSMA and SfAR macros, which you can use when using EPLAN.

1. What is EPLAN macro exactly?

An EPLAN macro is essentially a predefined part of a schematic plan or a complete project that can be saved for later reuse. It serves as a template or standardised representation of a given circuit or component.

2. Benefits: 

EPLAN macros offer a number of benefits that contribute to more efficient and standardised electrical design processes:

  1. Saving time:  Macros allow designers to reuse standardised sections of wiring diagrams or entire projects, saving significant time.

  2. Consistency and standardisation: Standardised sections created as macros maintain a consistent layout, symbols and documentation, reducing the likelihood of errors and making it easier for team members and stakeholders to interpret.

  3. Reduced possibility of error:  Copy-pasting sections of wiring diagrams can cause errors, especially if modifications are required. Macros, on the other hand, serve as predefined templates that can be consistently reused without the risk of inadvertently duplicating errors.

  4. Customizability: Designers can modify macros to meet the specific requirements of a project while maintaining the underlying standardisation. This flexibility allows effective adaptation to different design needs without sacrificing consistency.

  5. Improved cooperation: Standardised macros improve collaboration between team members by providing a common framework for design elements. Designers can easily share and reuse macros within a team or across projects, facilitating seamless collaboration and knowledge sharing.

  6. Effective documentation: Macros can contain extensive documentation such as descriptions, parameters and instructions.

  7. Easy updates: If design standards or requirements change, updating the macros in the library will ensure that all instances of that macro in existing projects are automatically updated.

3. What is included in the "package"?

  1. multi-pole PLC drawing, connector overview, switch cabinet layout,

  2. installation instructions illustrated with pictures,

  3. complete with the latest modules and an accompanying design guide (video, PDF description) to help you use them.

Contact us in connection with requiring the access of our TRIDIUM, iSMA and SfAR macros!

If you need more information about macros, please contact us! We will be happy to answer your questions.

(Source: Eplan, SmartNode Ltd., Freepik)


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