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To simplify the commissioning process, the controllers come with a built-in application that supports the most popular lighting control applications in one room of the building.  


The device is used to control two separate DALI light areas with up to 32 DALI ballasts. It offers a light level control mode that maintains the set light level in up to two separate zones. The built-in two special inputs and four digital inputs are used to connect presence sensors, light switches and light level sensors. A dedicated CFG DIP switch allows you to activate a predefined input configuration.


Out of the box, the device enables the control of DALI prefixes with a light switch and presence sensor, or in LLC mode, without programming, which makes the iSMA-B-2D a unique plug&play device for DALI network control. The controller is factory-equipped with an RS485 interface, which supports the most popular open communication protocol, Modbus ASCII/RTU. Up to 128 devices can be connected to this bus.

The device is also available with Wieland connectors: 2D-WD and 2D1B-WD

Main features:

  • Addressing from 0 to 255 using a DIP switch

  • 230 V AC power supply

  • Dedicated CFG DIP switch for input configuration

  • Fast processor with ARM core

  • Modbus ASCII/RTU via RS485; It can be integrated into a BMS system

  • 2x DALI interface: built-in power supply for 16 ballasts each

  • Automatic light level control (LLC) operating mode

  • Special and digital inputs for connecting presence sensors, light switches and light level sensors

  • 2x power supply output for ballasts (protected by a fuse)

  • 1x power supply output (protected by a fuse)

  • Built-in 24 V DC for external equipment




  • 2 pcs. Special input - voltage-free contact

  • 4 digital inputs - voltage-free contact 


  • 2 lighting outputs - 230 V AC max. 4A

  • 1 power supply output 24 V DC max 80mA


  • ARM Cortex-M4

Supply voltage

  • 230V AC


  • RS485 interface half duplex

  • Up to 128 devices on the bus

  • Protocols: Modbus

  • Baud rate: from 2400 to 115200 bps

  • 2 independent DALI interfaces

  • Management of up to 16 DALI ballasts per channel

Appliance house

  • Dimensions (WxDxD) 123.6 x 136.6 x 54 mm (123.6 x 171.2 x 54.9 mm)

  • Material plastic, self-extinguishing (PC/ABS)

  • Can be mounted on a DIN rail (according to the DIN EN 50022 standard)

  • Cooling: internal air circulation

Environmental parameters

  • Operating temperature: 0°C - 50°C

  • Storage temperature: -40°C - 85°C

  • Relative humidity: from 5% to 95%, non-condensing

  • IP protection: IP40 - for indoor use

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