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The I/O modules of the MIX series were specially developed to expand the I/O capacity of any DDC controller or server. The I/O modules of the MINI series were developed to complement the MIX series. The output modules of the MINI series also have manual-0-automatic switches, unlike the MIX series. By default, the modules are capable of communicating via the two most popular communication protocols Modbus (ASCII, RTU, TCP/IP) and BACnet (MSTP, IP), which protocols can be selected with DIP switches.
IP version modules can also be used as transparent MODBUS TCP/MODBUS RTU or ASCII gateways. 

The family of configurable and, in the case of FCU controllers  , freely programmable room controllers, was developed to meet market needs.

LoRaWAN átjárók
LoRaWAN szenzorok/node-ok
Ipari switch-ek
5G AI/AIoT kamerák
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