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You can commission, control, manage, monitor and analyze any intelligent, addressable DALI luminaire from anywhere in real time. Elitedali's Multidrop connectivity kit converts controllers running the Niagara framework to seamlessly connect to DALI networks directly via an RS-485 port.

eDIM kit

Elitedal's MultiDrop transforms any device running the Niagara framework into an intelligent IoT lighting controller. Each licensed module, consisting of the software and interface module, enables the connection of a network of up to 64 devices via a DALI channel.

eDIM kit
DALI MultiSensors

The elitdali MultiSensors product family function as presence sensors and provide occupancy and brightness values via the DALI network. 

DALI MultiSensors
DALI accessories

Thanks to their ongoing collaboration with DALI product manufacturers , an extremely wide selection of DALI products is available to Niagara's global community. Their products also include ballasts, network repeaters, and compact DALI relays for simple light fixtures.

DALI kiegészítők
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