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The Elitedal MultiSensors product family combines presence detection with daylight measurement and transmits the measured values via a DALI network. Thanks to its special design, it can be easily integrated into Niagara systems with the Multidrop solution.

As an installed device, it is an important element of the network, as it ensures the detection of motion and the measurement of lighting levels in the room. Using this, a highly automated lighting control can be developed in the BMS, including maintaining a constant light level or maximizing the use of natural light, in addition to reducing energy costs.


Retractable spring clips allow easy mounting of the sensor from below, while the body has built-in cable retention clips.


The intelligent sensor is connected to the DALI bus via polarity-sensitive connectors on the back.

Main features

  • It is fully compatible with any DALI ballast that complies with the current DALI open standards.

  • Seamless connectivity, commissioning, control and management through Niagara's elite solutions

  • It can be powered directly from the DALI network, with simple installation and wiring to the DALI network.

  • Available in two different mounting configurations

  • It senses the presence and measures the light intensity.

  • CE, RoHS

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