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W0202 was developed to provide an option to extend the RS485 communication line where cabling is not physically possible or would be prohibitively expensive.

Using 2 pcs W0202, we can create a wireless bridge for our RS485 communication line, with the help of which we can build remote (external) I/O islands from MIX or MINI series modules, for example . 

The W0202 has its own inputs (2 pcs SI) and outputs (2 pcs DO), thanks to which we can use the device as an I/O module or lighting controller with Modbus RTU/ASCII communication

Thanks to the algorithms built into the device, the user can choose from the following operating modes:

  • Modbus Bridge

  • Modbus Bridge and I/O module (SI and DO work independently

  • Modbus Bridge and I/O module with built-in lighting heating or cooling algorithm .

  • Modbus Bridge and I/O module with presence sensor support .

The built-in USB port allows you to set up the products without using an additional power supply. 

Main features:

  • High throughput and high sensitivity

  • Non-licensed radio band

  • USB port for configuration

  • 1x RS485 port (Modbus)

  • Special inputs (2): voltage, resistance, voltage-free contact input and high-speed counter input (up to 100Hz)

  • Digital outputs (2 pcs): relay max. 3 A, 230 V AC/  30 V DC

  • LED feedback on the status of inputs and outputs

  • ARM core processor

  • 4 different artificial coding modes

  • Built-in presence sensor support mode

iSMA-B-W0202 - WirelessModbus.png


Special inputs (SI)
Each input 12  is also suitable for bit resolution with support for the following types of sensors:

  • 10K3A1, 10K4A1, Carel 10K, 20K6A1, 2.2K3A1, 3K3A1, 30K6A1, SIE1, TAC1, SAT1  accuracy ± 0.1 ° C at 25 ° C

  • Voltage input 0-10 V DC: input resistance 100 kΩ accuracy ± 0.5%

  • Resistor input  0-1000 kΩ: measuring resolution at 20 kΩ load  20 Ω 

  • Voltage-free contact input

  • Fast counter inputs (up to 100 Hz), the counter register is stored in EEPROM

Digital outputs (DO)

  • Relay  output (NO) max. 3 A, 230 V AC / 30 V DC



ARM Cortex-M3


Power supply

24 V AC / DC


  • RS485 interface half duplex

  • Up to 128 devices on the RS485 bus

  • Protocols: Modbus

  • Baud rate: from 2400 to 115200 bps


  • Frequency 868 MHz

  • Max output power: +20 dBm, 100 mW

  • Sensitivity: -120 dBm

  • Encryption: AES-128

  • Speed: 115 kb/s

  • External antenna (SMA socket)

Device housing

  • Dimensions (WxDxD): 17.5x110x62 mm

  • Material plastic, self-extinguishing (PC/ABS)

  • DIN rail mountable (according to DIN EN 50022 standard)

  • Cooling: internal air circulation

Environmental parameters

  • Operating temperature: -10°C to 50°C

  • Storage temperature: -40°C to 85°C

  • Relative humidity: from 5% to 95%, non-condensing

  • IP protection: IP40 - for indoor use

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