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When elegance and intelligence meet: ORION

Innovation and technological progress never stops, especially in the field of modern building automation solutions.

Ontrol's latest development, the ORION programmable display and control panel, is a worthy follow-up to the successful R-ION series, opening up new dimensions in user experience. Its elegant design, customisable interfaces and modular structure are just some of the features that make ORION unique in the field. In the next few minutes, we will give you an insight into the revolutionary features and benefits that make ORION not just a tool, but a partner that can make every building operation easier and more efficient.

What should you know about the ORION programmable control panel and controller?

The new ORION, the successor to Ontrol's highly successful R-ION series, is a highly versatile device designed to provide intuitive user interaction and real-time control in a wide range of applications. With its elegance and fully customisable interface, it can be easily integrated into any environment, working seamlessly with different systems.

ORION offers a combination of flexibility, functionality and aesthetics, making it a valuable addition to a wide range of applications. Whether for home, business or industrial use, ORION guarantees seamless integration, cost-effective operation and user safety with its support for a wide range of communication protocols and easy-to-clean frameless glass front.

Key features:

Safety and hygiene

  • The aesthetic design prioritises user safety and hygiene with an edge-to-edge frameless front that facilitates cleaning and disinfection.

Modular design

  • Thanks to its two-part construction, the base can be easily mounted on the wall, while the display part can be easily added during installation. This modular design approach greatly simplifies installation and minimises construction risks.

Personalised user interface

  • The interface can be easily adapted to your own taste, allowing you to easily arrange buttons, menus and widgets with a user-friendly editor. So everyone can easily create the look and functionality that suits their preferences.

Mounting orientation

  • ORION can be mounted either horizontally or vertically, allowing users to achieve optimum visibility and accessibility, taking into account their needs and preferences.

Supported indutry standard protocols

  • ORION is equipped with multiple communication ports supporting a number of industry standard protocols such as BACnet, Modbus, Dali and KNX, making it easy to integrate into different systems and devices.

On-board sensors

  • All models include sensors for measuring temperature and relative humidity, and optionally offer CO2 measurement, allowing effective monitoring of indoor air quality.

Real-time control

  • ORION not only functions as an operator interface, but is also capable of autonomously executing programmed control logic in real time, increasing the reliability of the system.


  • ORION's versatility allows you to control HVAC systems, lighting, blinds and many other functions from a single device, making it easy to create a comfortable and efficient environment in a wide range of locations, from offices to homes and industrial facilities.

In a word...

The launch of ORION gives us the opportunity to reassess what we can expect from a modern control panel. Ontrol has not only repeated the success of the R-ION series, but surpassed it, creating a device that meets the needs of the future in every way. ORION combines functionality and design to deliver the convenience and efficiency that is essential in today's fast-changing world. Whether for residential, commercial or industrial applications, ORION is able to adapt to a wide range of user needs, while ensuring seamless integration of systems and user safety. The ORION control panel is further proof from Ontrol that the future is within reach today.

Please see the comparison table below, which shows in great detail why it is worth choosing the new ORION control panel instead of the old one!

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(Source: Ontrol, SmartNode Kft)


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