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Simple device integration? - Now it's possible with the new iSMA CONTROLLI library!

Discover the new, extended iCLib library!

What is iCLib?

The iClib is an add-on Niagara module that makes it easy to integrate iSMA CONTROLLI devices in Niagara in seconds, and it's also freely available for anyone to use.

All iSMA CONTROLLI communication-enabled products come with ready-to-use components that enable simple and fast device configuration. In the new library, devices are not only provided with the necessary communication parameters, but also with I/O and configuration points by default, so that no further configuration settings are required.

Now you can save a lot of time and energy with the new iCLib!


  • Seamless drag’n’drop experience

  • Supports iSMACONTROLLI devices with network protocols

  • Products grouped by iSMA Solutions for easy navigation

  • BACnetNetwork, ModbusAsync, Modbus TCP Gateway, and Modbus TCP networks supported

  • Point-filled devices speed up integration in Niagara

  • Devices packed with I/O points, configuration points and application points

  • Simple folder hierarchy makes points easy to locate

  • Pre-configured points facets allow for instant device configuration

Why is the iCLib library more useful than the previous iSMA Modules library?

Because iCLib uniquely supports SFAR and the new iSMA MAX modules!

Save your time and gain more benefit from iCLib!

Do not hesitate, download it NOW!

(Source: iSMACONTROLLI, SmartNode Kft.)


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