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The Regio Maxi consists of RCP controllers designed for quick connection of RU room units. The controllers are compatible with other Regin products and can be easily integrated into the EXOflex, Corrigo, EXOcompact, EXOdos and EXOscada systems.

The standard RCP model includes an application program for climate control in public buildings.  It can also be used as a freely programmable room controller. Programming is done in the EXOdesigner program, in the same environment used for all other Regin system controllers.

RCP controllers can be used in systems with communication, e.g. EXOline (RS485 or TCP/IP), Modbus (RS485) or LON. They can also be mounted on a ceiling, a junction box or a DIN rail.

RCP100 and RCP200 are the basic models in the range. The other models have different functions, indicated by the letters in the product name:
F= Fan control (3 speeds), T= TCP/IP communication, L= LON communication

Data sheets, descriptions
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