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Touch Point (TP-)

Modern and intelligent design

Thanks to the high-end technology packed in a glass panel only 14 mm thick, it is one of the thinnest devices on the market.   The   front glass panel with interactive icons is user-friendly and perfectly fits commercial buildings, hotels, offices, meeting rooms, where appearance is extremely important.

Intuitive handling

Touch Point (TP) panels use LEDs to indicate their current operating status to users. And the real-time measurements of the sensors are displayed on the optional display.

Easy installation and configuration

The Touch Point panel is suitable for both surface and recessed installation and can be easily configured using network protocols or the built-in USB port, even without an external power supply.

Multi-protocol adapter

The Touch Point is factory-equipped with the two most popular open communication protocols (Modbus RTU and BACnet MSTP), which can be selected with a DIP switch.

Maximum flexibility

Select the color, sensor type and display option. Touch Point is available in several configurations to perfectly match your building. Available with temperature, CO2 and humidity sensors.

Main features:

  • Easy installation and configuration

  • Multiprotocol interface: Modbus RTU; BACnet MSTP

  • Five touch screen function keys

  • USB Type C connector

  • Can be configured with a DIP switch

  • Black and white design

  • Temperature sensor as standard, humidity and CO2 sensor options


Touch Point (TP-)

Built-in sensors

  • Temperature sensor: 10k NTC type, accuracy ±0.5 °C, resolution ±0.1 °C

  • Humidity sensor: (TP-H-) range: 0-100% RH, accuracy: ± 2% RH in the range 10-90% RH, resolution: ± 0.1%

  • CO sensor: (TP-C-) range: 400-4000 ppm, accuracy: ± 30 ppm

Front panel

  • Surface: White/ Black glass

  • Display (optional): TFT 0.96"

  • Backlight: 3 intensity modes

  • Inputs: 5 touch buttons

  • Status indicator LEDs: Temperature; fan speed; to indicate occupancy; 1 configurable RGB LED

Supply voltage

  • 20-34V DC | 24 V AC ± 20%


  • RS485 interface half duplex

  • 2 RJ45 connectors

  • Up to 128 devices on the bus

  • Protocols: Modbus RTU/ ASCII or BACnet MS/TP

  • Baud rate: from 4800 to 115200 bps

Appliance house

  • Dimensions (WxDxD) 86 x 86 x 14.5 mm 

  • Material plastic, self-extinguishing (ABS)

Environmental parameters

  • Operating temperature: 0°C - 40°C

  • Storage temperature: -40°C - 70°C

  • Relative humidity: from 5% to 95%, non-condensing

  • IP protection: IP20 - for indoor use

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