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Easier installations of solar energy with wireless Modbus!

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Many industries see the huge benefits of replacing the Modbus cable and eliminate time-consuming installation, planning, cabling, daisy-chaining and trouble-shooting. Also, by using wireless technology it is easy to retrofit connectivity to already installed devices, converting a wired installation to a wireless network.

Solar installations in focus

To address the increased need for solar installations and the maintenance and surveillance that comes with that LumenRadio has recently released a Wireless Modbus concept based on our core technology platform MiraMesh.

By combining ultra-reliable data transfer with extended network range and mesh functionality together with super easy commissioning this solution adds a lot of value to both new and existing installations. To mention the most important more in detail:

  1. W-Modbus from LumenRadio offers a line of sight range of +500 meters between two nodes – then realize that it is possible to have 8 hops in a mesh network covering huge areas.

  2. W-Modbus is a pure cable replacement solution, but smarter. The solution is agnostic towards different device baud rates and it is possible to connect up to 100 devices to one existing Modbus controller:

Why wireless Modbus for Solar?

Do you need to connect an inverter from one building to a data logger in another building? Or do you want to avoid digging in a road to access the power meter in a control room? Or maybe you just want to add some sensors for improved maintenance monitoring.

  1. Cover large areas wirelessly without any data loss

  2. No changes in hardware or software are needed

  3. Easy installation by avoiding time-consuming cabling

  4. Troubleshooting is much easier without checking every cable

  5. Retrofitting and adding devices to the network within a minute

  6. Connect up to 100 Modbus slaves to one network

(Source: LumenRadio, SmartNode Kft)


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