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Introducing new duct-mounted transmitters for temperature/humidity/CO2

The new DTTH(C) series of 0...10 V duct-mounted transmitters for energy-efficient, demand-controlled ventilation systems is the most recent addition to our extensive range of transmitters. With their extraordinary accuracy, the transmitters ensure stable input values for control of temperature, relative humidity, and CO2 in all kinds of demanding environments. The DTTH(C) series offer three key benefits in one product.

1. High precision measurements:

What makes the DTTH(C) series special is its high-precision measurements of temperature, humidity, and CO2.

  • Accuracy temperature: ±0.2 K at 0...60 °C

  • Accuracy relative humidity: ±2 % RH at 25 °C, 10...90 % RH

  • Accuracy CO2: ±50 ppm +3 % of the measured value (at 25 °C)

  • The sensor modules in the transmitter are based on state-of-the-art sensor chip technology, ensuring communication speeds up to 1 MHz

2. High reliability:

With an IP65-classified housing, DTTH(C) provides one of the highest protection classes for duct transmitters on the market. Thus, the transmitters of the DTTH(C)-series are protected against condensation and pollution and well-suited for mounting in rough environments.

  • By exchanging the included filter with a more resistant one, DTTH can be mounted in environments with a high degree of pollution while maintaining the lifespan of the transmitter

  • High-end dual beam technology ensures long-term accuracy and stability

3. Easy to set up and use:

The transmitters have been designed with maximum space in the lid for quick and easy installation. Moreover, the transmitters are equipped with a twist-and-go lid, eliminating the need for screws.

  • Led-light status indication save time when performing system diagnostics and commissioning

  • DTTH(C) is factory-calibrated and ready to be used in the field.

(Source: Regin)

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