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Niagara Framework 4.11 is available

Niagara 4.11 will include even more new and improved features to further help customers achieve their goals.

As in 4.10, all Niagara 4 end users, from the largest enterprise users to smaller building owners, can directly access, analyse and manage a wide range of operational data in a personalised and secure way.


After the new and even faster UxMedia type introduced in Niagara 4.10, version 4.11 now includes WebWiresheet, an HTML5 browser-based tool that extends the functionality of Workbench.


  • Interpolation of missing or invalid data

  • Choice between different display options

  • Improved UX and workflow efficiency for end-users such as energy managers, building operations staff and facilities engineers.


  • Previous versions of Niagara brought a number of improvements to video processing and enterprise security capabilities. (View live and recorded video in a browser or on mobile)

  • And the new HTML5 view of enterprise security in 4.11 includes the following features:

o Capture, crop and save photos

o Updated card template management that eliminates java dependencies

Archive History Provider

  • Removes the need to Import Histories to the Supervisor for Visualization

  • Instantly query years of archived data and baseline against new locally stored data

  • Enables well-informed analyses of equipment operation

  • Improves facility systems operational efficiency

Alarm Archive Provider

The Archive Alarm Provider enhances the stability of your building systems! Cleared alarms using the Alarm Orion Service will persist in a station during a loss of connectivity with your RDB. Upon reconnection, the Alarm Archive Provider will update your database tables with the application records.

  • Enables more well-informed analyses of equipment operation

  • Improves facility systems operational efficiency

  • Provides a compliance mechanism for CFR 21 part 11

  • Quickly query closed exported alarm records

BACnet/ SC

  • BACnet Secure Connect, a new data link layer option introduced by ASHRAE in 2019, addresses the modern IP infrastructure and IT security requirements of existing building control networks. This exciting new protocol is now available in Niagara 4.11.

  • TLS 1.3: New security mechanism introduced in 4.11 to support the BACnet/SC "transport layer

(Source: Tridium)


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