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RAC18IP - Comfort Management -Room Application Controller

Room and zone management

The RAC18-IP controller is a multifunctional device providing comfort in a single room or a zone in the building. Onboard 18 I/O’s with ethernet and serial ports and additional extension cards make the controller a versatile system for comfort management, light and blind control, integration and monitoring.

High-end technology at the edge

Powerful, IoT ready nano Edge Engine allows unprecedented capabilities, for a microcontroller-based device. Take advantage of the time-saving automatic BACnet exposure, real-time programming and cloud connectivity.

Openness and reliability

Take advantage of the IP connectivity with open protocols like MQTT, BACnet, Modbus and ensure the highest energy efficiency for your building with any supervisory system. Daisy-chained RAC18-IP controllers are protected by a unique fail-safe system on each ethernet port to provide maximum reliability.

Seamless programming and maintenance

Maintain and program your device from anywhere in real-time with a dedicated, free of charge tool. Easy replacement process with system and user data based on removable SD card.


• Room and zone IP management

• Openness and reliability

• Seamless programming and maintenance

• Built-in nano EDGE ENGINE

• Cycle-driven multithreaded application

• Favorable licensing system• Reference linking method

• Clear and logical structure

• 150 Data Points

• System and applications on SD card

• 2 fail-safe Ethernet ports with a built-in switch

• Native BACnet IP • Modbus RTU

• Built-in real-time clock (RTC)

• Support for over 20 types of temperature sensors

• Digital inputs with fast pulse counter

• Triac outputs for thermal actuators

Application Example

(Source: ISMACONTROLLI, SmartNode Kft)


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