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Discover How RESI's Innovative Solutions Are Revolutionizing the Industry!

In this article we introduce our new supplier partner RESI! Learn more about their innovative devices, which are now available at SmartNode!

1. Who are they?

RESI Informatik & Automation GmbH was founded in Wies in 1989. Since then, they have been manufacturing hardware and software and distributing products worldwide via the Internet and their partner network. They see a clear future in energy efficient and holistic building automation.

They aim to deliver the best quality and fastest available products worldwide, as well as intelligent solutions for the entire field of building automation. With their innovative products and solutions, they are a true "future-proof" company, providing clear added value to their customers and users.

2. Portfolio

The image below summarises the main areas RESI is working on in the field of building automation.

The most important and useful RESI tools and their benefits:

1. Gateways:

In modern building infrastructures, they act as intermediaries that connect different networks, protocols or systems to enable communication and data exchange.

Each RESI Gateway is simple to configure and easy to use. For integration they have focused on MODBUS and ASCII protocols. RESI Gateways are designed with a special, very thin housing (only 17.8mm/35.44mm wide), so that the devices fit comfortably everywhere.

2. Switches: 

Primarily used in networking to connect multiple devices within a local area network (LAN). Unlike gateways, which usually connect different networks and perform protocol translation, a switch operates within a single network to efficiently manage data traffic.

RESI has designed the unmanaged Gigabit Switches to serve as the endpoint of the Ethernet infrastructure. No more need for extra cabinets to migrate from fiber to copper, and no more wasted space in cabinets for LAN distribution. The small size of the switches (35x110x60mm) allows easy installation in almost any panel or wall box.

3. IO modules:

I/O (Input/Output) modules are an essential part of modern building infrastructure, especially in automation and control systems. These modules facilitate the connection between different field devices (sensors, actuators, etc.) and the central control system, allowing data acquisition and control commands.

RESI IO modules communicate via RS232, RS485 or Ethernet.

The 2 outstanding product lines are the "BigIO" and "SlimIO" modules.

3. A little something special

1. Shutter controller (RESI-20RI8SB)

The installation of shutter control systems in modern buildings increases comfort and efficiency, making them a valuable element of smart building infrastructure.

RESI offers special IO modules to control 4 or 8 shades or blinds with time control. The shutter or blind motor can be switched by two relays 30Vdc, 250Vac, 6A, AGSnO2. Some IO modules offer additional digital inputs for 12-250Vac/dc 12-250Vac/dc to connect local push buttons to control the shades or shutters.

2. LED strip controller (RESI-4LED-SIO)

These controls allow users to adjust the brightness, colour and sometimes even the pattern and timing of the LED strips.

The high performance RESI master gateways for LED strips are designed to connect the LED strip directly to the Gateway. The gateways are designed for constant voltage LED strips with a common anode. Each channel is dimmable via a PWM output. Host protocols: MODBUS/RTU or ASCII text. Host connection via RS485 interface. Configuration and testing of the LED strip system is free with their MODBUSConfigurator software.

If you are interested in RESI products and you need more information about these tools, please feel free to contact us! We will be happy to answer your questions!

(Source:, SmartNode Kft, Freepik)


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