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Smart water management? - Milesight!

Water is not only essential for life, but also plays a key role in the economy, whether it is agriculture, industry or households. In this context, the challenges and opportunities of water management are at the heart of the sustainability debate in the 21st century.

Water management aims to ensure the efficient use of water resources and minimise their wastage, particularly important in the face of population growth and the challenges posed by extreme weather.

But with Milesight 4's water management solution in mind, it's easy to save water!

1. Water storage : Water is typically stored in reservoirs or water towers. Milesight sensors help to accurately monitor the water level in these reservoirs, measure the amount of water stored and warn when critical water levels are reached. Milesight offers both contact and non-contact level detection devices. The EM500-SWL, a contact level sensor, operates on the principle of pressure, while the EM400-UDL, a non-contact level sensor, uses ultrasonic waves to provide a highly accurate measurement.

2. Water transport : Water is delivered to the users through the network of pipelines, so a certain water pressure is needed at specific points and installations. It is also important to detect pressure drops due to leaks in pipelines! Milesight's pressure sensors, the EM500-PP are compatible with water supply piping and accurately detect pressure.

3. Water metering : For end-users, measuring water consumption is key! Milesight supports remote meter reading and visual management of water meters using LoRaWAN technology. The EM300-DI is able to count and convert water consumption based on water meter pulses. The X1 camera performs AI analysis on the meter face of traditional mechanical water meters and sends images to the cloud. Milesight also supports using the LoRaWAN gateway to communicate with water meters equipped with builtin LoRa modules to present data effectively.

4. Irrigation : We offer UC series controllers for wired applications such as valve control or pump operation. The UC300 can be connected to a variety of wired devices and transmits data via LoRa or cellular communication, providing command-based control. The UC51x also supports electromagnetic valve control, and the solar-powered option allows valve control outdoors without the need for an external power source.

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(Source: Milesight, SmartNode Kft)


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