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Green technology in practice: Teltonika devices at the forefront of efficiency and sustainability!

In an era of technological innovation and digital transformation, companies and institutions are increasingly working to optimise their operations, improve their efficiency and minimise their ecological footprint. At SmartNode, we believe that the key lies in smart, reliable and sustainable technology solutions.

In this article, we describe the role of Teltonika devices in achieving this goal, with a special focus on the RUT240 and TRB140 models. These devices not only bring us to a new level of efficiency and sustainability, but also enable our customers to move forward with the latest generation of industrial M2M/IoT applications!

What should you know about Teltonika devices?


  • A compact, robust and high-performance device for industrial M2M/IoT applications

  • It features two Ethernet ports and a wireless interface with hotspot functionality

  • WAN failover ensures stable connectivity and RutOS software meets the highest security standards

  • Compatible with RMS


  • An ultra-compact, easy-to-use and energy-efficient IoT device with LTE Cat4 and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity

  • A Linux environment offering a high degree of customisability

  • Perfect for projects and applications where a single device needs to be extended with reliable and secure internet connectivity

Teltonika devices in practice?

Two inspiring case studies illustrate the applications of these technologies in the field: the way the RUT240 router helped the Daikin air conditioning system increase the efficiency and reliability, and the way the TRB140 enabled remote monitoring and maintenance of a solar power plant at distant locations. These success stories demonstrate not only the technical benefits of the devices, but also highlight the positive difference they make for businesses and for the environment.


To make Daikin's air conditioning systems more efficient, Teltonika Networks' RUT240 router was specified, which is an industrial-grade device capable of remotely monitoring and controlling complex systems. The challenge was that air conditioners consist of many complex components, and the smooth operation of these components is critical to the overall system. Failure of any one component can cause the whole system to fail, resulting in inconvenience and additional costs.

However, installing the RUT240 router enables remote monitoring of the system and real-time analysis of data, allowing timely intervention to avoid problems and increase efficiency. The device connects to the system via Ethernet cable and, once it is integrated with the building management system, it analyses the data using the MQTT protocol. This solution has not only improved the reliability of the system, but has also resulted in significant cost savings by optimising energy consumption.

The project has shown that data-driven decision-making and automated actions can lead to significant improvements in the operation of air conditioning systems. Remote control has enabled rapid changes to time schedules as well as user preferences, increasing customer satisfaction and the overall efficiency of the system.


Modernising the remote monitoring of solar power plants is a vital step towards sustainable energy production and optimisation. To efficiently manage the complex infrastructure of solar power plants, Teltonika's TRB140 device has proven to be the most suitable and highly adaptable to the challenges of remote monitoring and data collection. This device is capable of transmitting data via industrial protocols such as Modbus TCP, so that data generated by solar controllers and charge controllers can be transmitted in real time.

Monitoring the performance of solar power plants is crucial to ensure maximum productivity and reliability of the energy system. The cloud-based IoT platform integrated through TRB140 enables data aggregation, analysis and development of measures to improve performance. This concept not only improves energy efficiency, but also helps to optimise maintenance activities, such as regular cleaning of solar panels or replacing components.

The importance of remote monitoring becomes especially apparent when you realise that solar power plants are often located in distant, hard-to-reach locations. The TRB140 provides a stable and reliable 4G LTE connection, allowing operators to access system data anywhere, anytime. With an easy-to-use user interface and advanced RutOS features such as VPN connections and remote management protocols, solar plant operation is seamless and efficient. This integrated solution contributes to a green, sustainable future, ensuring that solar energy is generated in the most optimal way as possible.

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Given all this, we encourage our readers to discover the full range of Teltonika products offered by SmartNode, which are not only innovative solutions, but also support us into the future!

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(Source: Teltonika Networks, SmartNode Kft)


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