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Lighting smartly, without wires? The solution: W-DALI!

In this article, we show why it is important to introduce technological innovations into our daily lives in the spirit of sustainability and energy efficiency. And we have good news....

W-DALI is here! - The wireless alternative to DALI

1. W-DALI - It's DALI, just without the cable

W-DALI is a wireless DALI device, the ideal choice for retrofit projects. No installation work is needed, W-DALI provides an instant wireless lighting network. Compared to "cable projects", W-DALI shortens installation time, simplifies planning and gives contractors the ability to work in buildings where new cables are not possible.

As W-DALI is "DALI in-DALI out" - i.e. programming and commissioning are the same - there is no need to learn a new system or change the DALI controller.

2. W-DALI products


  • Wireless DALI receiver

  • Can be mounted inside the device or in a junction box


  • Wireless DALI transmitter

  • Can be mounted in an electrical cabinet next to the existing DALI controller

3. Benefits of W-DALI

3 reasons to use W-DALI:

1. Save time and money

LumenRadio's W-DALI lighting control can make projects more profitable. Retrofits can be completed in record time without the need for wiring or complex building works.

2. Easy installation

The W-DALI DIN RAIL transmitter can be mounted directly next to the existing DALI controller in the electrical cabinet and the W-DALI nodes can connect up to 10 devices at the same time. This connection is established at the touch of a button.

3. Full DALI support

Use the desired wired DALI controller with any DALI-compatible lighting and/or DALI sensor.

W-DALI is fully interoperable.

4. Fields of use

For conventional DALI lighting systems, all components must be connected with DALI data cables. This means that the cables run from the control box in the building to each individual lamp or luminaire in the network.


The problem of using cables


Retrofitting with cables means that new DALI cables have to be installed from the control unit to each luminaire in the building.


This is costly and time-consuming - both in terms of design and installation. In addition, the construction work required to run new cables in a building currently in use causes a lot of disruption. In many cases, closing rooms or even entire floors just to install cables is out of the question in places like hospitals, schools or prisons.


Furthermore, the laying of new cables is a particular problem in historic buildings. These types of historic buildings are usually protected and cannot be structurally altered. This precludes the laying of new cables, as even minor building works such as drilling holes in walls are not allowed.

5. Summary - Why LumenRadio? Why W-DALI?

Sustainability and energy efficiency require continuous innovation and technological improvements. These new technologies not only reduce environmental impacts but also provide economic benefits, contributing to the achievement of global sustainability goals.

Choose LumenRadio's innovative solutions!

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(Source: LumenRadio, SmartNode Kft, Freepik)


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