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Advantages of Having Convergent Lighting Controls & Automation - elitdali™

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Building owners and facility management organizations are looking for solutions that will help them to:

1. Focus on sustainability

2. Optimize the operational expenditure

3. Equipment’s / Device’s life

4. Availability and continuity

The current approach for these objectives is to make the best use of available technologies for remote monitoring, defect identification and notifications, energy monitoring and automation to the fullest possible extent. However, the challenge is to have various different vendors and suppliers for lighting controls, HVAC systems and installation of Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology separately.

Table of Contents

1. Advantages of Having Convergent Lighting Controls & Automation

2. Complete Access to Real-Time Data

3. Easy-to-Understand Reports

4. Increased Energy Efficiency

5. Increased Cost Saving

6. Time-Saving

7. Enhanced Uptime

8. Optimized Maintenance Time

The convergent lighting control and automation combine all of them using Niagara software powered technologies.

By implementing convergent lighting control solutions, the commercial complexes can be more energy efficient. With real-time data analytics system in place, monitoring energy consumption levels becomes a whole lot easier. Since the emergence and extensive adoption of IoT, solutions like lighting control systems have become the norm and a must-have solution in most projects.

Let us now explore the various benefits of having convergent lighting control and automation solutions:

Complete Access to Real-Time Data

With convergent lighting control and automation solutions in place, you can get a full picture of where the energy is being consumed the most, at what time of the day and allow you to make actionable decisions based on the data provided. The analytics provides you with overall energy usage data along with the condition of lighting and if any repairs as such are required. This makes it easy to identify places where energy can be utilized efficiently and if they require any attention from the maintenance team.

Easy-to-Understand Reports

The convergent lighting control and automation solutions generate tailor-made and simplified energy reports that help to provide you with all the information regarding what the energy consumption levels in a given commercial structure are. Data-driven decisions can be made for the future about how lighting consumption can be reduced to be more sustainable in nature. The reports also help you to showcase how much energy you have saved and provides suggestions on how you can be more energy-efficient in future.

Unlike in the traditional BMS approach, convergent lighting provides one compiled report that combines reports of HVAC systems and lighting using elitedali’s Niagara powered solutions.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Since the convergent lighting control and automation solutions, it can save energy on their own by dimming the light when there is no one in the lobby or reducing the consumption of light during the day. This makes energy consumption much more efficient. It is estimated that automated lighting solutions can reduce overall energy consumption by 30%. This is a clear indication that energy efficiency is higher if a convergent lighting control solution is used compared to a traditional lighting setup in a commercial complex.

Increased Cost Saving

As more energy is saved due to lighting automation, cost-saving increases too. Less energy consumed means less expenditure on it. Convergent lighting uses powerful and dynamic technology that helps to not only limit but also measure energy wastage. Therefore, it helps you to analyse how can you save costs in future as well. This means that by implementing convergent lighting control solutions, you are not only saving costs for today but you will also have the ability to measure and reduce costs in future using the data and reports generated from it.


Convergent Lighting control solution means most of the light and energy-related operations are automated. This provides time for you to focus on other various core business activities. Just like how an organization can outsource hiring or handling accounts to an expert vendor, lighting solutions can be outsourced through convergent lighting automation. By dealing with just one vendor for all your building automation needs, convergent lighting solutions can also help you save time in terms of managing and following up with various vendors in case any issues arise.

Enhanced Uptime

Critical insights can be extracted from a large set of data. This can help in analyzing where the downtime is occurring more by focusing on those areas and therefore, improve the overall operational efficiency through convergent lighting control solutions. The convergent lighting solution also allows the overall insight into the asset & equipment performance that is crucial for maintenance and service teams. Power generators among other such important assets are the ones that will help in improving the uptime.

Optimized Maintenance Time

Usually, the maintenance services are done even if they do not require one. This can be seen as a wastage of both resources, time and money. A better approach can be taken through convergent lighting control solutions wherein the maintenance schedules are created based on real-time data. This eliminates unrequired maintenance services as well as improve the overall efficiency of field visits by having only required personnel to resolve the issue. elitedali’s convergent lighting solution allows you to reduce the hassle of contacting various vendors as it merges BMS.


"We at elitedali are revolutionizing lighting solutions for various organizations. We have certified partner integration with Niagara Software. We are also 100% DALI standard compliance and therefore, work with any available DALI lighting fixtures in the market. Our partnerships and compliance license allows us to broaden our distribution of automation lighting to all commercial infrastructure projects. "

(Source: elitedali™, SmartNode Kft)


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