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We are pleased to announce that elitedali™ lighting control solutions are now available from us!

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

We are pleased to announce that we are the first official elitedali™ partner in Hungary!

elitedali™ is a certified Niagara development company committed to the development and innovation of intelligent, open standards-based IoT products that enable Niagara system integrators to provide industry-leading integrated lighting control and automation infrastructure for their BMS systems.

These contribute to end users achieving energy and cost savings and thereby ensuring sustainability.

"We make lighting automation solution providers more efficient and smarter, by providing an easy to integrate, open standard framework to seamlessly integrate with, and to make building management systems more scalable, flexible, and unified.

Convergent Lighting Intelligence - Transforming Niagara controllers into intelligent IoT convergent lighting devices.

Intelligent enough to seamlessly integrate to BMS/BAS, inter operable, built on open standards, makes building management systems more intelligent, makes implementation partners/ system integrators more intelligent, makes architects and project managers more intelligent

  • Proven and reliable technology based on DALI

  • Based on Open Standard IoT Platform - Niagara

  • No Vendor dependency - Vendor agnostic

  • Simple and quick to implement and maintain

  • No complex architecture, middle-ware, convertors

Delivering True Convergence, Not Just Automation!

Enterprise Building automation projects can now have all their sub services interoperable with each other, sharing data, control signals and using these signals to further automate their functionalities. Such systems are truly “Convergent”!

”Deliver applications that not only delivers superior business value, but also better conditions for work and living:

- Connected Lighting Controls

Smart Lighting for today’s smart buildings that demands communicating with other devices, sharing data across, Interoperability. Leveraging IoT to deliver CONVERGENT lighting solutions.

- Dynamic daylight Harvesting

Using available day light to offset the artificial lighting needed to properly light a space, in order to reduce energy but more importantly maintaining the optimal light levels for providing efficient workspaces.

- Human Centric Lighting

Lighting systems, which can not only dim, but also CTT or Kelvin change for improved circadian rhythms, mood – preference, visual acuity, performance and energy savings – sustainability.

Global Adoption & Use Cases

- Commercial Buildings

Energy-efficient lighting automation for your commercial spaces

- Factories and Warehouses

Sustainable lightning controls and automation for factories and warehouses

- Offices and Workspaces

Building, smart and interactive workspaces for enhanced productivity. "

Our mission "To be leader in producing and promoting open and interoperable standards in delivering convergent technology solutions for Lighting Controls and Automation.."

(Source: elitdali™, SmartNode Kft)


Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Contact us and become a contracted partner to gain even more valuable information. We provide our partners additional technical newsletters, programming guides and ready-made templates for most of the products we sell.

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