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New product releases in the iSMACONTROLLI range!

We are pleased to announce that iSMACONTROLLI recently presented their latest products at their 2023 product release webinar!

They launched the nano EDGE ENGINE version 1.2, 4 new MAX modules, 8 new TP panel models, and the iCLib library for Niagara that we have already presented.

What's in the new version 1.2 nano EDGE ENGINE?

It provides high-end technology for embedded devices, and the IoT-enabled nano EDGE ENGINE provides unprecedented capabilities for microcontroller-based devices. Version 1.2 now includes Modbus TCP/IP Client, Modbus Gateway, and supports DNS and NTP Client features.

Take advantage of:

  • real-time programming

  • multiple cycle-driven applications

  • automatic multiprotocol exposure

  • cloud connectivity

The new MAX multiprotocol I/O modules:

1. ISMA-B-12O-H

2. ISMA-B-24-I

Key Functionalities and Features:

  • BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU/ASCII protocols, easily selectable with a DIP switch

  • Two types of I/O configuration Multiprotocol I/O Modules with a MAX number of Digital Inputs or Digital Outputs

  • Manual Override Switches Each output can be manually overridden using a dedicated hand-operating switch

  • Onboard LED Statuses of all I/Os and communication

3. ISMA-B-12O-H-IP

4. ISMA-B-24-I-IP

Extra functions and features

  • Built-in web server For seamless I/O and network configuration

  • Built-in Modbus TCP/IP to Modbus RTU/ ASCII gateway

  • Two Ethernet ports Working in a switch mode

  • DHCP Support Configurable using Web, iSMA Configurator and protocols

8 new Touch Point panels with LCD screen for efficient VAV control!

  • Modern glass wall comfort management panels

  • Only 14 mm thickness

  • With Modbus and BACnet protocols

  • Different sensors configurations: temperature, humidity, CO2 sensors

If you haven't read our article about the previous update of iSMACONTROLLI, click on the button below:

(Source: iSMACONTROLLI, SmartNode Kft.)


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