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How could an industrial lighting control system reduce operating costs? - elitedali™

Before you start reading this article, let’s give you a situation, and please let your imagination flow with the words.

Suppose you have a huge workspace with at least 500 working employees at the moment. The employees are working quite efficiently and you are checking the accounts register that surprises you. There’s been a gradual increase in the overall operational costs that is creating a barrier to achieving the desired profit. What will you do now?

As a business owner, it’s very difficult to line your expenses. We understand it and that’s why you need to read this article now. So just don’t wait there, whip out your notepad/iPad and start taking notes.

Table of Contents

  1. Current Scenario

  2. How Can Industrial Lighting Control System Scale Down the Operational Costs?

  3. Energy Saving 

  4. Better Control and Automation 

  5. Safety and Maintenance 

  6. Enhanced Lighting Efficiency 

  7. Need of the Hour

Current Scenario

Industrial facilities like manufacturing units, warehouses, commercial buildings, etc are facing the issue of keeping their operating expenses under control. Why is it such a tough job to align your energy costs? Well, the basic answer to this is to implement efficient energy-saving practices and technologies.

With a huge square foot area, the industrial spaces have more than 100s of light fixtures, and keeping a tab on them becomes impossible under human control. Unoccupied spaces are left well lit which increases energy wastage while incurring unnecessary expenses. Though the industries are aware of this situation and want to work towards operational cost-cutting still it is one of the most ignored problems.

Industries do not understand the concept of one common lighting control system. Quite obviously, they don’t want to upgrade to a sophisticated lighting control system for greater productivity and efficiency. For most of them, it is a very expensive option and they carry the wrong notion that maintenance might get in the way of their operations.

How Can Industrial Lighting Control System Scale Down the Operational Costs?

Don’t worry! We are here to save your day. Someone said correctly “Light is all you need”. We believe it was for us and how we provide the industries with the perfect balance of technology and sustainability.

The lighting control system is a crucial part or should we say the brain behind the well-organized and competent working of all the light fixtures in the industrial space. Without a decent and efficient control system, you might lose the opportunity to have the best lighting system.

Responsive and economical lights – track lighting, floodlights, bay lights, track lights, require good wiring and control system that will aid the commercial space to do what they want and when they want.

We believe that conducive industrial lighting control system is just as important as your space’s bulbs and fixtures. After all at the end of the day if you cannot manage your lighting easily then there is no point in installing all those fancy pieces of equipment.

Having said that, it’s time that we highlight what lighting control fixtures can do more than turn the light on and off. They can also perform the following magic;

  • Turn lights on or off automatically

  • Dim or brighten the lights to match various requirements in different areas of an industrial space

  • Turn on, off, or dim the light intensity according to the ambience light

  • Turn on in response to any emergency or alarm

  • Senses the motion and responds to it

  • Occupancy sensors – turn off the lights when no one is in the area

  • Self maintainable

  • Increases the estimated life of the light fixture

Now out of these, one of the most incredible power the lighting control system has is the dimming of the light according to the occupancy of a particular space and the natural ambience.

The dynamic dimming technology that the lighting control system provides is out of the world. This technology is available for commercial, industrial, and residential purposes too. Many industries are saving energy costs and adding value to their operational and commercial functions by endorsing the dimming feature of lighting control system.

Though the variations differ according to the requirements of the industries this system is everything including personalization. You name your requirement and it will be added to the system. Yes, it’s that adaptable.

Let us take you down on the road of various benefits the lighting control system do for your industrial space:

Energy Saving 

Industries is always on the lookout for cost-effective ways to reduce expenditure and lower the amount on those utility bills.

Daylight harvesting is something that will help you jump the ladder to guarantee faster ROI by leveraging ambient light and energy saving. The crux is that –  use more natural light so you can save more. The natural light is free of cost.

Let’s understand it more with an example – A manufacturing unit has 300 light fixtures of 120 watts each. Therefore, the consumption is almost 36000KW per hour. Now the question is how can the unit make sure to reduce this consumption and cut down on costs too. Here comes the concept of Dynamic daylight harvesting. If the unit wants 300 lux on the floor and 200 lux is available out of ambient light, that means the requirement is only 100 lux. So, the artificial lights will only generate 100 lux which is far lesser than the previous setting. Now, to generate 100 lux, the lights only need to work at 30% capacity thus saving 70% of the energy and costs.

Therefore, on a normal working day of 12 hours and when there is sufficient daylight available, the ambient light fixtures will only need to function at 60 – 70% capacity. Saving 30% of the energy load and cutting down the operational cost substantially.

Better Control and Automation 

The industrial lighting control system provides you with better control over your lighting system. Through this, the floor managers can ensure that the system is running only when it is required. As all the floors/sites can be managed and maintained remotely, it saves on time and human effort.

Safety and Maintenance 

Safety of a space is paramount. Thanks to the motion sensors available in the light fixtures with better brightness, the darker areas are well illuminated. As the safety manager has access to the whole lighting control system remotely, the space can be protected and inspected anytime.

Another unique feature, the lighting controls hold is that all the fixtures can communicate with the maintenance team. The lights can connect about their condition before anyone can notice or it becomes faulty. It aids in saving maintenance time, effort, and costs that manoeuvres better lighting automation.

Enhanced Lighting Efficiency 

The golden rule of improving the lives of the lighting fixture is very simple – the lesser the lights are on, the longer they will live.

The commercial lighting control system provides the flexibility to use the lights at 50% capacity on average. If the life expectancy of the light is 50,000 hours and it is used at a 50% capacity, then its life is improved by 50% more hours. Thus reducing the carbon footprint on the environment too.

Need of the Hour

Industrial lighting management system has now become a necessity for the industries as most companies now have sustainable goals and it can help them achieve them much more efficiently. In places where coal is a primary source of power, energy savings can bring in better environmental health and conserve non-renewable sources too. 

elitedali is a pioneer in Lighting control automation systems for industrial and commercial spaces. We present modified, customizable, and integrated smart control systems to amend and control connected functionalities. We create intelligent and energy-efficient automation solutions. Our product technologies are regarded best in reliability, flexibility, and compatibility. With an exhaustive assortment of advanced lighting technologies, Elitedali remains unmatched when it comes to enhancing comfort to saving energy.

(Source: elitdali™, SmartNode Kft)


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